Ship Construction

How to build your ships properly

General Ship Construction
        • You may not enclose your ship wheel. You must have a 120-degree view of the sides from your helm.
        • Only small foliage such as shrubs or flowers is allowed on a ship. No trees.
        • Your ship must have a name.
        • You may not conceal your ship name.
        • Ships should be built with an RP mindset and “realistic” standards to our RP world

“Turtling” of ships is not allowed.

This is the process of armoring your ship using various construction parts.

Sail Colors

Depending on your ship’s “role”, apply the following colors to the rear sail of your ship:



Sails: White
Moral: Neutral



Sails: Black
Moral: Chaotic Evil



Sails: Blue
Moral: Lawful



Sails: Orange
Moral: Chaotic



Sails: Red
Moral: Lawful

Note: Do not mix these colors together, you may mix non-used colors with your primary role color for other sails.

A ship’s sail color (other than white) may not be changed after it has been set. This includes even if a ship has been renamed.

Ship Loadout

These are your Standard Ship Loadout's

ShipGunportsTop Deck Artillery
Sloop/ AS sloop (Multi Purpose)N/A2
AS Sloop E (Explorer)N/A2
Schooner / AS Schooner (Multi Purpose)Max2
AS Schooner W (Warshi)Max4
AS Schooner T (Transport)N/A2 No Cannons
Brigantine / AS Brigantine (Multi Purpose)MAX8
AS Brigantine W (Warship)Max10
AS Brigantine T (Transport)N/A4 No Cannons
AS Brigantine L (Luxury)N/A0
Galleon / AS Galleon (Multi Purpose)Max8
AS Galleon W (Warship)Max14
AS Galleon T (Transport)N/A6 No Cannons
AS Galleon L ( Luxury)N/A0
Ramming Galleon (Warship)MaxPrefab
Kracken (Warship)MaxPrefab

Note 1: Artillery can be any combination of cannons, balistas, or swivel guns etc. 

Note 2: When placing cannons, the placement should be as balanced as possible. Meaning you cannot have more than 1 additional cannon to one side over the other.

Note 3: Swivels may only be used towards the inner of your own ship to prevent borders and may not have a mute on it during PvP.
Note 4: No more than 4 rear-facing artillery.

Note 5: No more then 2 9lb Cannons on a ship.

Note 6: For brigantines and lower no more then 2 of any 1 type of sail. For Galleon no more then 3 of 1 type of sail.

Note 7: All top deck side cannons must be placed in a half wall gun port or equivalent open air. For all rear Facing and Front facing cannons we expect to see at least 1 ceiling spacing between them…


                           YES                                                                                                                             NO!









All ship designs are subject to ZZ Staff discretion. If found to not conform to standards Admins may destroy cannons and other items without warning and they will not be replaced. If you have a question about a build be sure to open a ticket on discord and ask.