Community Rules

In order to join our community you must be 18+

All members must abide by ZZGaming Terms of Service and Code of Conduct.

Our rule enforcement is a simply three-strike system. The first strike is a verbal warning and notated by staff, the second strike is a 24-hour mute/ban, and the third strike is permanent removal from the community.

Conduct in the Community

ZZGaming is dedicated to providing a safe and healthy environment for players to be creative within and roleplay. Any form of hateful speech and other abusive/discriminatory speech will not be tolerated. Everyone is expected to treat each other with respect.

1. Harassing/Bullying/Hateful speech

We will not stand for any form of bullying, discrimination, or harassment in any form. Members are prohibited from acting in any manner that may make another uncomfortable or distributive to their experience. This includes but not limited to the actions that are predatory, threatening, intimidating, demeaning, derogatory. Attacks on members outside of IC roleplay are strictly prohibited. Hateful speech of any kind is also prohibited and can be met with a temporary or permabanned from the ZZG community and servers.


The act of Griefing and/or Trolling is designed to make another player’s experience poor and is prohibited within the ZZGRP community. This also includes actions that are often seen as harassment or bullying.

3. Exploits/Cheating

No form of cheating or intentional use of a game exploit will be tolerated within the ZZGaming Community. You may be temporarily banned if you are presumed to be using an exploit or believed to be cheating until an admin can further investigate. Any exploits or game issues you may find please report them via our ticket system.

4. Firestarting

Anyone who is found to be speaking poorly of staff or other members in a way as to cause distress and spark arguments among others in public spaces will face disciplinary actions.


Any form of torture RP must be dealt with OOC prior to. It can be a sensitive topic for many and is strongly discouraged.


This is an extremely sensitive topic for most. No graphic or public self-harm suicides should take place. These types are banned.


The following topic is strictly prohibited ZZGaming 

Anything that refers to Sex/human trafficking (Slavery), Child abuse, rape, nudity, erotic acts, pedophilia, real-life events of graphic crimes/criminals, and genocide are strictly prohibited and may result in a permanent banned from all ZZG servers.

8. Respect of ZZGAMING Staff

Please respect all ZZGaming admin decisions as they are here to help the community as a whole and decisions are made with their own discretion and the community in mind.

9. Discord Rules

All members who play on Our RP server will sign up to our discord channel and utilize the following Discord nickname convention: DiscordUsername (ICFirstName ICLastName) | for example, Zeromatter457 (Zack Cross)

10. Role Play

This is a Role Play Community first before anything else. We have created this community to allow for multiple people to interact and connect through RP. Disregard for our rules and for our community standards will not be tolerated. We understand PVP will happen but should not be the only Goal. Any report of blatant PVPers will be investigated.

Contacting Staff: Never directly message ZZGaming Staff (Owners, Devs, Admins, or Moderators) with issues or questions unless there is an active server emergency taking place. Staff is under no obligation to respond to any direct or private message related to ZZGaming. If you have a question, concern, or need assistance, please submit a ticket and a staff member will contact you privately if needed.