Company Limits

Create a company even if you are planning to play solo!
This will help players retain logs and aid admins when dealing with player situations.

Group Limits

Player Company 30

Player Navy 70


You may form alliances with other companies. These alliances should have an RP purpose and should not be used to increase members, ships, tames, etc. Those who are found to be abusing alliances may be subject to disciplinary actions.


Every player in the company can have their own sloop or raft.
All companies start with an allowed 3 limit for Schooner class or larger.
1 Galleon class is allowed for every 10 players in a company.
For every 3 additional players (from the base 3) in a company, increase the allowed total ship limit by 1.


      • Company A has 3 players. They are allowed 3 sloops or rafts, and 3 schooners or above, but only 1 Galleon can be included in that 3 limit.
      • Company B has 7 players. They are allowed 7 sloops or rafts, and 4 schooners or above, but only 1 Galleon can be included in that 4 limit.
      • Company C has 30 players. They are allowed 30 sloops or rafts, and 12 schooners or above, but only 3 Galleons can be included in that 12 limit.

We understand that players may want to leave their current company for various reasons. Some reasons are RP related, others may not be. We do suggest learning about the company you are joining by asking questions that are common concerns such as who has access to ships, tames, and what are the different roles within the company.

When you have decided to leave it is also suggested you speak with the company owner or admins about your decisions IC and in RP. Whenever you leave a company you may experience RP consequences.

**When leaving with multiple people you are bound to the following guidelines. You will still only be able to take one ship and current belongings, this applies even if you and your company members leave over a period of time. Do not take excess mutes, weapons, ammo.

Leaving a Company: When leaving your current company (not mutiny) it is suggested that you speak with the company admins to discuss what items/belongings you may take with you. You are entitled to at least the following items:

      • 1 ship (should be a personal or newly built for you)
      • 1 personal mount or creature (only your personal tame can be taken)
      • Current armor, weapons, basic tools
      • Any other basic items you may need to live while looking for a new home

Mutiny: If you mutiny from your current company you will be seen as an enemy to that company and this may have RP consequences. Mutiny only applies to company members who have been in the company for 10 or more days and contributed to the company. You may only take a select amount of goods/items.

  • 1 ship (personal if available or one that is not a flagship or galleon)
  • May take up to 1000 gold
  • No more than 5 paper items (blueprints, books, maps, notes)
  • Any other negotiated items (if you steal something keep it to a reasonable amount and make sure someone in the company is aware of what you are taking)

Company Fractures: If you are in a larger company and there is an internal dispute that causes a break in the company then the members leaving may take most personal belongings which include

  • ships, items, and tames.
  • max of 1000 gold.
  • They may not remove any base defenses, buildings (unless told to by the company owner), mutes, or claims.

Never grief or destroy items unnecessarily. If you have a group break from your company and they cause excess damage please place a ticket.

Tip: Always ask questions.
When playing with new people and joining a company, always ask what the policy is with ship ownership as every group differs. Also, if you are bringing assets to the group, discuss upfront what remains your property should you ever need to part ways. Remember: Open communication is the key to drama-free roleplay!