Clean up after you have finished with your current structure. Beds, pillars, foundations, buildings, taming pens, etc should never be left behind. If these items are found outside your home port or outpost they will be destroyed.

Freeports will be cleaned every 48hrs. Do not block entrances to freeports or your items may be destroyed. These actions are taken to ensure server health.

Build blocking is prohibited; it is the process of using items such as pillars, signs or foundations, or any structure and placing them around areas to keep others from building or items from spawning. Islands, even when claimed, may have settlers.

Company Building
  • Size
    Bases should be a reasonable size and should have a limited amount of foundation and large walls. All buildings should be kept to an RP style that fits your character. There should be no “official” style PvP builds. Admins will have the right to explore bases for overuse of large walls and foundations as well as if your base is too large you may be asked to resize the buildings
  • Build blocking and claims
    An island is on first come first serve bases except under certain circumstances in which someone has purchased an island. They will have 48 hrs to claim their island in that case. There will be no build blocking in order to reserve land. If you have half-built structures and no progress has been made, then these structures may be destroyed to make way for others to move in.
  • Moving/Merging/Leaving
    If for some reason you no longer use your base due to moving to merge or leaving the server please remove all items. If you need assistance in removing items please place a ticket for an admin to assist you.
Building Regulations

All buildings and structures should have RP in mind. You may have one stone and one wood farmhouse must be placed at your home island or outpost only.


Land defenses must be behind easy to see large signs which tell someone there are active defenses beyond this point or must be within a structure such as a warehouse or home. Mutes may man cannons, swivels, and puckles only. Any defensive points outside of your base or that reach beyond the signs must not be manned or set to wild creatures only. If you are at war or in an active battle you may have your outward defenses on. (make sure you turn them off when the fight has ended)


All weaponized carts should be player manned only. Mutes may not use cart weapons while in PvP.

Tame’s In PVP
Tame’s may not be used for PVP Defensive.

Abandoned Buildings/Structures

If you are not active and your items, base, buildings, structures, etc have been unused for 10 days, admins may clear these items. If you plan on being away from the server for more than a week please let an admin know via the ticket system so we may accommodate you.


A company may have one outpost on a separate island. This should be a small base. You may have one of your 2 farmhouses at your outpost.

RP Minded Building

All buildings should have RP in mind when being created. No official PvP builds.

All structures should be realistic, with no floating items, or unrealistic styling. Basically follow laws of physics if you have a question about a build please ask.

Limit Foundations and Large Walls

Limit Foundations and Large Walls.

For server health, we ask you to limit large wall use and foundations. Large walls should never be used.

Use Items As Intended

Large Walls and Gates should not be used to create a building. They have an intended purpose and should be used as such.

Items such as Large walls and gates should not be used to create walls or fencing. Other building pieces may be added to this section as seen fit.

No Build Blocking

Never use structures to block building, spawns, or public areas

Never use structures to block someone’s building ability or spawn points. Structures should also not be used to block someone’s access to a public area.


Solo players or Companies are allowed 1 of each Farmhouses, this is to prevent multiple farmhouses from being deployed around the world.
– Farmhouses will not be placed on Powerstone Grids
– Farmhouses will not be placed on any Freeport
– Farmhouses will not be placed on any event island (this includes yeti, snowman, etc)

Stowaway Storage/Rooms

If you have a secret room it must be accessible. 

All secret storage rooms/areas must be accessible and never blocked by a solid item or wall.

Please Note:

It is the responsibility of the owning company to ensure that all gates to private areas containing auto-turrets are closed and locked at all times. Remember to be aware of areas you are leading non-tribe members through in order to avoid accidental player death.


If mutes are aggressive without a warning your defenses may be destroyed. If a structure is destroyed because of a decay timer then you will not be able to get said items replaced.